ImageMy father came to visit this weekend and it was pretty hard to watch how much the radiation is draining him. One highlight was just how much babe loves him. We knew this already because he laughs everytime we “read” him the audio book and he hears his voice. Having babe has made me hate the fact I conceded to move away from home to be with my husband. It’s such a catch 22… without hubby there’d be no babe, but being away from home kills me sometimes, especially with my dad being sick and trying to figure out day care for babe come August. But at least I will always have these memories I’ve captured. Here is my favorite from the weekend.

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That face!

How can I not make enough time for this face! Sometimes work just has to wait… it will be there in the morning.


My husband thinks this photo is misleading, since it looks sweeter than his intentions, he is pretending to munch on babe’s cheeks. I hate to break it to him how tender that is, even if he doesn’t mean for it to be!

My Super Men

Today at school is Superhero day, so last night we had some fun with Finn Danger (yes his real middle name!). I use pics of him as the background of the opening slides of my Flipcharts at school. Besides the kids loving to see pics of him, it helps the whole being away from him for 12 hours a day. I love when some kids ask, do you take him to a professional photographer every day? I think they are trying to see if buttering me up with help their grade! But the real super man in my life right now is hubby. He’s been so supportive and understanding. I love what a great father he is… he already has developed fun games and traditions with babe. My favorite is a peek-a-boo like game where he practices sitting up with babe. Even when I’m sitting on the couch, my nose buried in the over abundance of grading that I have from 160 students, I still feel like I am somewhat a part of family time, even if my job requires way too much of my time.


Part of Sweet Shot Tuesday at My 3 Boybarians

Glow Worm

I just can’t get enough of this cutie of mine!

ImageSo I’m hoping¬†this week we hear that we can start trying baby food, because babe still isn’t eating much from the bottle. He definitely eats more at night, sometimes even a full 4 oz bottle. But, he’s almost four months now and most babies drink a lot more than that in one feeding. Usually he only takes an ounce or two. It does have rice in it, so supposively that fills him up. But lately he’s been trying to hold his own bottle and it is too freaking cute! I didn’t realize that I had focused on his hand, and not his face, but in all honesty that is what this pic is all about.

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Sometimes when babe smiles I see a hint of his dad’s dimples. I’d be so excited if he has them. Hubby is so great with him. We’re really lucky.



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